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Ça y est vous avez enfin repéré le bateau de vos rêves ! Votre conjoint est sur le qui-vive, les enfants aux anges et vous voyez déjà vos amis prêts à se bousculer sur le ponton pour embarquer…

All smiles, a call to the port to reserve your place suddenly brings your wildest desires back to the quay. You will soon be one of these 50,000 French boaters looking for a berth allocation.

How to find the ideal berth?

Depending on your navigation plans and your budget, there is a solution to float your boat:

It is to buy a ring. You do not become the owner of a piece of wharf, you only acquire the right to use it for a fixed period: we speak of leasing. For a period that can range from five to thirty years. Investing in a ring has become profitable, given the scarcity of rents: 6.8% return on average.

Immerse yourself now in the myriad of classified ads! It is not so difficult to find the rare pearl, by agreeing to pay the price.

To find out about available places, we recommend you to contact us directly.

Which price ?

The price of a berth in the port can vary from simple to fourfold, depending on the duration of the right of use, the size of the location and especially the location.
The larger the boat, the rarer and more expensive the berth .

And what deadline?

If for some ports, a single call is enough to reserve a place in the port for the year, this remains exceptional. Indeed, the average waiting time before obtaining a berth in one of the 50 largest French ports is five years.

A few tips...

Only, passion does not wait and a good sailor is a man on the lookout. Fortunately, you have heard some tips between two pontoons to shorten the wait!

You will quickly realize that the staff of Loremar Plaisance is entirely devoted to its customers for information fishing. We hear about Mr R. who will soon free up his place, the J. family who want to sell their ring and even these old pontoons that we have decided to reassign to the port.

Unfortunately, your schedule does not allow you to find the miracle information. Never give up on the idea of leasing or buying out a lease when buying your new boat. Indeed, Loremar Plaisance keeps a watchful eye in certain ports for its customers, so as to compensate for any lack of berths.

Don't forget that boats don't just leave ports, they leave driven by a dream... And every dream deserves its home port.

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